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Welcome to ESDALAB Digital Innovation Hub

Your one-stop-shop for digitizing your organization and joining an expanding Digital Innovation Network

Different application areas.


Targets both public and private sector by focusing on state-of-the-art business sectors such as agriculture, transport, environment & smart cities, industry 4.0, e-health & hospital 4.0 and ambient assisted living.

Novel and open access infrastructures.


Provides novel services for testing before investing, skill development & training, supporting investment finding and networking with the local & European innovation ecosystem.

Funding opportunities.


Offers cascade funding of 2,2 Million Euros via open calls in European consortia through Horizon 2020 SMART4ALL project. Business coaching to access public and private funding.

Promoting collaboration.


Access to the European ecosystem of DIH; via profile based matchmaking & partner search services you have access to an immense number of technological and business partners.

Digital Innovation Pillars

Application Domains
ESDALAB DIH aims at boosting edge technology.

Services and Infrastructures

ESDALAB DIH offers offers business, technical, ethics and funding coaching services.

Academia and industry

Collaboration with extended network of academic and business partner


Personalized business development services, training and matchmaking


Interconnecting and forming synergies amongst active and vibrant DIHs


Boosting e-Government via multifaceted knowledge share and services


Access to European innovation ecosystem and funding frameworks


Discover new collaboration opportunities leveraging AI based matchmaking

Policy makers

Collaboration with European policy makers; Alignment with European digital agenda


Access to state-of-the-art infrastructures, technological coaching and matchmaking

Network members
Application Domains

Get access to a toolkit for DIHs and support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within their ecosystem!

A toolkit created to support Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) that want to help the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within their ecosystem in the adoption of industry for Customized Low - Energy Computing (CLEC) for Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

Digital Innovation Hubs

Collaborations and Alliances

Latest News from the HUB

Review of the webinar “SMART4ALL Marketplace Showcase for (E)DIHs” – 21st March 2024

Review of the webinar “SMART4ALL Marketplace Showcase for (E)DIHs” – 21st March 2024

The second webinar addressed to (E)DIHs with the purpose of featuring a showcase around the Marketplace One-stop-shop platform, the opportunities and benefits that it offers to DIHs across Europe, was successfully held on March 21st, 2024, with the participation of 32 attendees.

SMART4ALL Digitized Environment Newsletter - March 2024

SMART4ALL Digitized Environment Newsletter - March 2024

We are excited to share one more domain-oriented newsletter, devoted, this time, to Digitized Environment and the news and activities related to this application area of SMART4ALL project.
Having finalized our on-site activities in the typical duration of the project, with a successful event in Tirana (Albania) focusing on Digitized Environment & Digitized Agriculture success stories, we invite you to dive into the achievements of SMART4ALL beneficiaries and partners in a domain that requires highly secure and scalable infrastructure and a set of microservices that facilitate the development of the IoT solutions. 

SMART4ALL Marketplace showcase for (E) DIHs – March 21st, 2024 (11:00 CET)

SMART4ALL Marketplace showcase for (E) DIHs – March 21st, 2024 (11:00 CET)

Discover the potential of SMART4ALL Marketplace - join our SMART4ALL marketplace showcase!

Review of the SMART4ALL Digitized Environment & Digitized Agriculture Special session.

Review of the SMART4ALL Digitized Environment & Digitized Agriculture Special session.

A successful special session on the application domains of Digitized Environment and Digitized Agriculture was held on 23rd of February 2024 in Albania, as final SMART4ALL event. Organized by the Metropolitan University of Tirana (MTU), the session, that took place at the building of Piramida in Tirana, brought together representatives of the local ecosystem of technology of Albania with SMART4ALL beneficiaries from other SouthEast European countries, with vice-ministers, big companies, students and other stakeholders, involved and interested in the application of innovative technologies in the fields of agriculture and environment.