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SMART4ALL on Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2023(Review & Highlights)

<strong>SMART4ALL on Embedded World Exhibition &amp; Conference 2023(Review &amp; Highlights)</strong>

On 14 – 16 March 2023, SMART4ALL participated, for second consecutive year, in the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference (EW) 2023, which took place in Nuremberg. EW is one of the biggest electronics shows in Europe, a prestigious global event for the embedded community. Seizing the opportunity for promoting the project, the SMART4ALL Marketplace services and tangible results of funded experiments, SMART4ALL was represented by the University of Peloponnese (UoP), Patras Science Park (PSP), Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) and AVN, on a booth at the exhibition and was further advertised by its coordinator, prof. Nikolaos Voros, on a pitching event organized in the context of the exhibition.

For three days, SMART4ALL project coordinator, professor Nikolaos Voros, technical manager, assistant professor Christos Antonopoulos, the Head of the Mentoring Committee, Florian Fricke, communication officer, Dr. Katerina Lamprakopoulou, and AVN representative, Msc. Eng. Christos Panagiotou exchanged information about innovative technologies with other exhibitors and visitors and developed valuable contacts from around the world, offering solutions to startups and bigger companies focusing on marketplace services. More than 20 companies’ representatives visited SMART4ALL booth and were informed about SMART4ALL, through one-in-one meetings enhanced with multimedia material (videos, poster, flyers), while the SMART4ALL team visited selected booths of other exhibitors sharing SMART4ALL key facts.

In the context of the event, a pitching event for start-ups was organized on the first day and the project coordinator, Nikolaos Voros, was invited for a short pitch, presenting SMART4ALL achievements, network and Marketplace, before a targeted audience. Professor Voros also attended the Embedded World Awards ceremony, having participated as a jury member on the evaluation of nominees proposals.

Furthermore, SMART4ALL technical manager, Christos Antonopoulos, chaired two sessions on the following topics of high impact and added value: “Architectures & Processes” and “Bluetooth".

It is worth mentioning that the communication officer of SMART4ALL and advisory board member of the SMART4Women network, Dr. Katerina Lamprakopoulou, participated in a special networking event for women in the embedded systems industry, which was organized in the context of EW 2023 and seized the opportunity to inform more than 40 women participants about the network’s objectives and activities, attracting new members.

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